Client Case Study

Why did you choose Team Beaver?

In August 2022, I felt really weak and lacking flexibility. I felt I couldn’t get off the sofa, bend down or move without difficulty. I have a desk-based job and I felt stiff. I also felt really sluggish, and perimenopause had stolen my va-va-voom. The gym did not motivate me, and I needed accountability, the sort you get from a coach. I called a few coaches locally and Dean seemed to listen the most and felt the least intimidating! Also, someone I knew was going to him and I enjoyed seeing her progress on Instagram.

How did you feel when you started?

I went to a taster session and really enjoyed it. I remember being out of breath at the end, but the buzz afterwards made me want to keep going. I signed up for a block of 10 sessions. I spent a lot of the first session refusing to look in the mirror, apologising for not doing things very well and criticising myself for being rubbish. Dean was patient, supportive and kind. There was no pressure to do anything that felt uncomfortable, and he is quick to adapt to your form and fitness.

What do you do in your sessions?

It’s a mix of weight-based circuits and boxing fitness drills. The routine tends to change up every 10 sessions. I started with squats, lunges, face pulls, pull down crunches and pallof press. Now we mix it up with press ups and body weight rows using a suspension trainer, squats with 3kg weights, Russian twists with a medicine ball and a range of other exercises. My circuits are longer now too.

What do you like best?

I love boxing. I think it is the best exercise for mental health as you can leave it all in the pads. We do drills, such as 4 rounds of jab, cross, hook, 40 uppercuts and then four wall press ups. Or Dean will do an accumulator such as 4 jab/cross, 4 uppercuts, 4 hooks, 4 wall press ups and then add in 4 up high jab/cross in the next round and 4 straight jab/cross again in the final round.

What’s the biggest challenge?

Rolling with injuries that just creep into your life. I write hundreds of thousands of words at work and sometimes it gives me neck and shoulder pain. I am learning to exercise at my desk and strengthen my shoulders. When the pain is bad, Dean completely adapts my session to accommodate my shoulder. We will do a lot of resistance band work to ease it. It’s really helped. I also injured my knee dancing and Dean adapted to work around that for a few weeks. It’s great to work with someone who understands human anatomy and what exercises can ease pain and build strength. I should add that one of the biggest challenges is following instructions! Dean often gives quick fire boxing combo calls and I get them right about 75% of the time! I blame brain fog!

What is the biggest difference you’ve seen?

Boxing has given me increased confidence and helps me feel capable and mentally strong. My arms and legs are more toned, I get less out of breath, and I feel much more comfortable in my own skin. I will attempt anything Dean throws at me without thinking ‘I can’t do that’ first. I have a wider range of movement and can get off our low sofa with no hands! I know in my sessions I have a reserve of energy to pull out of the bag to finish with a flourish!

What would you say to anyone considering Team Beaver?

Do it! If you are saying to yourself, you are not in the right headspace – that is exactly the headspace that needs this activity in your life. If you don’t have time or the energy – make that 60 mins available once a week. I often have zero energy going in and it’s like a battery refill! Plus, you get 60 mins of positive validation from Dean that you are worthy, and he sees the effort you are putting in. It’s a great feeling to be celebrated in that way no matter what fitness level or shape you are.