I started training with Dean Feb 2023. From a background of chronic fatigue and 10 years of very little movement I had no idea what to expect. But Dean was very patient and set me up with a programme specifically for my needs and goals. He has taken me from strength to strength and I cannot believe how much I can achieve now and how good I feel. He has lit a fire within me and a passion for lifting (and boxing) which I will contine in the gym. I recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Dean.

Jo Hardstaff 24th April 2024

Last August, I was feeling really sluggish and weak. I’ve been to Dean every week since then and my fitness and self-belief has grown hugely. I can go feeling at the lowest ebb of energy to a session and come out feeling like I can achieve anything. Plus you get an hour of Dean telling you this is the best effort he’s seen from you yet. He builds confidence and your strength. I highly recommend him.

Emily Turner 23rd May 2023

Expert in his field knows it absolutely inside out and gets great results

Simon Weatherley 18th May 2023

Couldn't have been happier! Dean has been helping train my father alongside myself and my partner, he truly knows his stuff! I suffer with Asthma and Dean has helped alleviate a lot of my issues through his training and understanding of the body. He will always go the extra mile, push when you need pushing but he's also not a drill Sergeant! If you're thinking of getting into exercising or wanting to relieve pains/aches/immobility of any form, don't look any further than Dean at Team Beaver S&C!

Samuel Nicholson 18th May 2023

I started training with Dean at the beginning of 2023. The program is tailored to my needs and fitness level and I feel I am making steady progress. Dean is very encouraging and training is fun. Highly recommend!!

Rupi Pannu 18th May 2023

Team beaver strength and conditioning offers the perfect combination of hard work and knowledge the environment is great and Dean gives you the motivation and knowledge you need to keep yourself motivated and work towards your own personal goals and growth’s

Mark Wallace 17th May 2023

Dean has been a life changer for my husband and I & we’ve appreciated his support in helping us reach our fitness goals. Fun, interactive, life-affirming and tailor made just for us & what we need & enjoy most. The programme of fitness intensifies as we’ve become stronger - so whatever age or fitness level, Dean will always focus on improvements whatever your starting point maybe. Thank you Dean 🙏👍

Lou JL 17th May 2023

Great personalised programs and value from a friendly knowledgeable trainer Highly recommend

RS-74 CT5 17th May 2023

Where to start? Dean is an amazing trainer and has helped me learn to walk again following knee surgery which didn't go as planned. He has managed my programme to ensure I get better for the long term and his experience is astonishing creating a workout plan based on how to get the most out of my knee. He has also helped me get my life back as my mental health took a hit due to the operation and subsequent rehabilitation. He knows how to motivate you based on what is best for you so you can be the best version of yourself. Thank you Dean and Team Beaver for helping me get back and I look forwards to the future and getting stronger and fitter.

With all the aches and pains which come with age I was a little reluctant to start training with Dean - I didn't need to be! Dean's background is such that he was able to tailor a programme to my specific needs, only increasing momentum when I was ready. I've been working with him for a few months now and the difference is amazing. I highly recommend Dean, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions, as he'll have you moving like your younger self again!

Lydia S 19th July 2022

Came into contact with Dean through my old man and from Day 1, he's put us through rigorous training and always keeps it fresh, fun and the benefits have been huge. I'm asthmatic and when I first met him, I could barely run and I was overweight. Couldn't be happier with my progress and Dean's expertise has been vital to this. Seriously cannot recommend him highly enough!

Sam Nicholson 17th July 2022

I have been suffering with a shoulder impingement for months, which has caused limited arm movement and lots of pain. Dean has helped massively with weekly sessions, arm and shoulder exercises and stretches, which can also be done at home. We are now building upper body strength and concentrating on posture so it doesn't happen again. I can't thank him enough and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to everybody. Thank you Dean.

Helen Gwyer 16th July 2022

Dean is the best trainer I have come across. He knows all about the different muscles and different bones in the body. He is helping me to achieve the body and shape I want. He’s professional and just a great guy. I would throughly recommend him to anyone seeking a PT

Faye Denyer 8th September 2021

Dean was recommended to me by one of my clients, as he knew I was looking to improve my overall fitness, lose weight and tone up. I had my first session with Dean today and despite me having lots of aches and pains and generally being completely unfit, it was a cracking session. Dean plays to your strengths, he takes on board any physical issues that you may be having and designs your workouts accordingly. I came home tired, aching and happy - I can't wait for the next session!

Vikkie Richmond 5th August 2021

After a few sessions with Dean already feeling and seeing the difference, despite having a bad back prone to giving out working with Dean has reversed the problem altogether!

Anthony Caira 26th June 2021

Dean is great at providing a workout tailored to your needs. My 14 year-old son and I take Boxing Fitness, and it's both fun and taxing for both of us.

Jonathan Gwyer 20th May 2021

Dean is a great coach. I have multiple sclerosis and wanted to improve my fitness & strength. I have had four sessions & will be continuing moving forward. He has a great, encouraging manner & has helped me so much with my motivation. If you want to get fit & improve yourself, give Dean a shout. You won't be disappointed.

Rosie Tong 21st November 2020
Fergus - National 1 Level Rugby Player

I worked with Dean for a summer rehabbing a knee ligament injury. Dean produced a personalised programme that progressively rebuilt full functional mobility in my knee, whilst working on ensuring I was injury resistant moving forward. All in all I entered the rugby season fully recovered and in better shape than ever.

Fergus - National 1 Level Rugby Player 1st March 2019
AnnMarie - Trainee Police Officer

I first contacted Dean mid October 2018 because I needed help to pass a fitness test for work which I had previously failed. Right from the first session Dean gave me loads of tips and showed me techniques which helped to improve my running in a short amount of time, so much so within a few weeks I passed the fitness test with considerable ease. His knowledge and guidance proved really helpful and supportive, and we are continuing to work together as I continue my basic training.

AnnMarie - Trainee Police Officer 1st February 2019
Mark - Builder & Semi-Pro Footballer

Having combined a semi-professional football career (playing goalkeeper) with being a self-employed builder for many years I developed severe lower back pain due to the intense nature of both. The pain got so bad that I sought help and advice from Dean, he identified some issues with my hip mobility that needed addressing. He provided me with a training programme that improved my overall hip flexibility whilst also building my trunk strength and improving my overall conditioning. Not only did this deal with the lower back pain, it also improved my performance on the football pitch, ensuring that I was fit for purpose both in relation to my football and at work.

Mark - Builder & Semi-Pro Footballer 1st January 2019
Jack - Royal Marine

Dean helped me build up my fitness base to meet the high standards in the Royal Marines. Working with Dean helped me to overcome the initial fitness tests that qualified me to go onto Royal Marine basic training. Dean's approach not only got me into the best physical condition possible, he also managed to support my psychological conditioning through his ability to mimic the kind of things I was likely to experience during basic training within his coaching style.

Jack - Royal Marine 1st December 2018

Amazing knowledge, but also the application of this knowledge to the individual. I was lucky enough to work with Dean to get back to playing National 1 level rugby. Without his help and being well into my 30’s I would not still be playing now was it not for training with Team Beaver S&C. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Fergus Farrell 29th November 2018